Zsuzsa Demeter’s exhibition “Variations” features portraits of two women of different ages and from different countries.

“One woman is from Japan, the other is from Finland. The age difference between the two models is over 30 years,” the artist describes her exhibition. The work in the exhibition is mixed media. “As an artist, I am interested in portraying people, especially in portraits, but also in the European cultural landscape.”

The artist Zsuzsa Demeter is from Hungary, but currently works in Tampere. She studied at the Budapest Academy of Arts. She moved to Finland in 1987.

Demeter has organized several solo exhibitions since 1983. She is a member of the Finnish and Tampere Artists’ Union.

The exhibition will be open until August 23. The gallery of Tampere House (Jaani 4, Tartu) is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance.