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kuni: 15.10.2023

Pictures of deportations

Pictures of deportations

The exhibition Pictures of Deportations tells with pictures and words about the deportations of Inger people from their homelands to the inhumane conditions of the distant corners of the Soviet Union; To the heat of Central Asia and the cold of the Arctic Ocean. Many perished in the harsh conditions. The work was heavy and there was a constant shortage of food. The photographs in the exhibition come from the family albums of people who experienced deportation.

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Tampere House is a cultural center and guest house of two twin cities. The house has three double rooms, three family rooms and one six-person room (through two floors). All rooms have their own bathroom, family rooms and also a kitchen. There are a total of 24 beds in our guest house.
Breakfast is included in the price.

Tampere House also organizes various cultural events – exhibitions, literary evenings.

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