Triin Jahu

The idea of Triin Jahu’s textile exhibition “Noticed Unnoticed Nature” originated from the artist’s curiosity to notice the beauty of nature in its most imperceptible state. The opening of the exhibition will take place in Tampere Maja on the 28th of November at 5 p.m.

“Nature has always been very dear to my heart and I can appreciate its silence and beauty. In 2022, I spent two months on a study tour to Iceland, where I discovered the hidden beauty of nature for myself. I began to notice the hidden patterns and have taken these patterns and applied them onto textiles,” states the artist.

“When walking along forest trails, parks or coastlines, we usually only pay attention to what is immediately visible. The details on the stones, mosses and leaves around us are easily overlooked,” says Triin Jahu.

“These details have been collected directly from nature. I have woven them into patterns and put them on textile, bringing a lost world back to life. Each pattern is unique,” states the artist.

Triin Jahu graduated from the Tartu School of Art in 2023, majoring in graphic design. Last year she organized the exhibition “Wallpaper” in The Botanical Garden of Tartu. The exhibition will remain open until the 31st of December.