The woman and her jug

The exhibition “Woman and Her Jug” by Piret Rohusaar will be opened on Thursday, March 7 at 5 pm. The exhibition features the artist’s work of the last year. Rohusaar, formerly known as a painter, is inspired by ceramics – the gallery of Tampere House is filled with large painted jugs.

“At first I thought I would make only a hundred cups in the pot, but the cups gradually became pitchers, and once I heard the song of the big spinning jug, I wanted to hear it over and over again,” smiles Rohusaar.

The artist describes how the mood of the exhibition was triggered by a strange capricious purple glaze from England. “It requires a certain temperature when fired (1240 ºC) and then all the other glazes next to it can take on unpredictable tones,” says the artist.

“I have been a freelance artist for many years and I travel a lot in nature – I run many kilometers with my running dog hurry.” He has recorded long morning runs, feelings of timelessness and freedom in his work, the artist describes his source of inspiration.

“I was born with the knowledge that I am a painter. Color and light have always spoken to me. As a painter, I have also graduated from ERKI (current EAA). Our whole generation got a good inner strong sense of integrity, and a very good education. Our teachers were and are the best painters in Estonia: Tiit Pääsuke, Enn Põldroos, Ando Keskküla, Lemming Nagel, Aleksander Suuman.

Piret Rohusaar, jugs, paintings and a favorite greyhound.

The gallery of Tampere House is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance!