The opening of Tigukass’ exhibition Survivors will take place at the Tampere Maja gallery on Ferbruary 2nd at 5.00 PM. May and Ursula Aavasalu from the mother-daughter duo Tigukass make ceramics, dolls and digital graphics inspired by gothic and steampunk ideas and aesthetics. Tigukass’ art is a little cute, a little dark, but also inviting and not too serious. The exhibition is open until the 25th of February.

Tigukass has been active since 2009, both making art and teaching it to others. Survivors features scaly creatures, who survive even the darkest times, all while being uniquely cute. The exhibition aims to showcase how dark times don’t just create gloomy and belligerent creatures, even though they’re often the most noticeable ones.

Survivors explores how plagues, wars and chaos don’t just affect people, even though human suffering is usually the focus of these catastrophes. There are always unnoticeable creatures near these human colonies. These creatures do their best to survive, all while trying to preserve their human – or perhaps even brute – essences.

May Aavasalu graduated from the Pedagogic Institute of Tallinn in 1974. She has since worked with consumer ceramics and ceramic sculptures. Ursula Aavasalu graduated from the University of Tallinn in 1999 and has, in addition to ceramics, focused on mediums such as drawing and digital graphics.