On the border of the worlds


The exhibition “At the Borders of the Worlds” by photographer Annimari Taivalsaari will be opened at Tampere House (Jaani 4) on August 24 at 5 pm. The exhibition focuses on abandoned places and will be open until September 17.

 “My pictures are motivated by tired houses, empty beaches or districts still under construction,” the artist concludes with the theme of his exhibition. “I want to show through my work how everything disappears. These places have their own tragedy, but also their beauty. I want to make the lost world visible again – it contains something mysterious and historical. I am interested in the   border where the lost time, the present time and the future live side by side. ”

“If there are no people, the places will stand out. This is how the viewer can construct stories in their mystery. I am fascinated by the riddles related to the places. ”The exhibition shows both color and black-and-white pictures made on aluminum plates in pigment-lambda technique.

Annimari Taivalsaari (b. 1967) is a photographer from Helsinki. He graduated from the Imatra Art School and continued his education at the Lahti Art Institute.

The gallery is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free entrance!