„Life Theater“

Merike Sule-Trubert’s exhibition “Theater of Life” is dedicated to the memory of the artist’s father Raimo Sule. The exhibition consists of printed photographs, featuring four models in different roles in the theater.

“We are all actors in the theater of life, the roles change over time and it is usually necessary to perform on several stages in parallel,” the artist concludes with the idea of the exhibition. The exhibition is dedicated to Raimo Sule, a well-known cartoonist and artist in Estonia. “Despite the tragic motive, the exhibition itself is not tragic or melancholic, but contains the right dose of theatricality. There is also humor in the show, because the humor accompanied my father on his life. The installation is my personal vision of my father. ”

“In the theater of life, we try to find a delicate balance between consciously chosen roles and additional roles. Sometimes we try to merge into a role that is foreign to our nature. There are situations when a life theater director imposes a new and unknown role on us. Then we consciously wear the mask to fit into the foreign slats and silence our protest spirit. From time to time, we have difficulty finding our true “I” and we try to tear up the protective mask, “says the artist.

Merike Sule-Trubert (born 1974) is a Master of Arts in the Estonian Academy of Arts and a member of the Estonian Artists’ Union. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions.