Kari Tarkiainen

The first public speech meeting of the Estonian Academic Society of Ingerman in the new season will take place on Friday, October 28, 2016 at 4.15 pm in the basement hall of Tampere House (Jaani tn 4).

The former head of the Finnish National Archives, Professor Kari Tarkiainen, will speak on the latest research on Ingeri in Finland.

Professor Tarkiais’s presentation will first discuss the novel “Matriarch” (Matriarch, Otava 2016) published by writer Jari Tervo this autumn, which has already received a lot of attention in Finland. However, the main focus of the presentation is on recent Inger humanities research in the fields of folklore, population studies, church history and social studies. Among others, the research of Aili Nenola, Kasper Kepsu, Mika Sivonen and Andrei Kalinitshev will be discussed. The presentation is in Finnish.

Kari Tarkiainen (born 1938) has studied the depiction of Russia in Sweden in the early Middle Ages and has written a biography of Mikael Agricola and the history of Finnish Swedes. He is also interested in fiction (a book about the poet Paavo Haavikko). His grandmother was the famous Finnish writer Maria Jotuni.