Kaido Rätsepa’s exhibition “Life and Abundance”

The painting exhibition of Kaido Rätsepa, a former lifeguard and punk and the current Christian punk, will open at Tampere House (Jaani 4) on Thursday, January 11 at 5 p.m. The tailor is perhaps the most peculiar naive in Estonia. At the opening of the exhibition, Rätsep will perform his Christian punk stories with Ahto Leiden.

Kaido Rätsepa had a wild youth in the Soviet Union. Kaido was a punk in Pärnu. A lot happened and happened there. As a young man, he went to vocational school and worked on construction at the age of 15. There were a lot of punk bands in Pärnu at that time, he became a soloist in a band called Shithead.   Pung also included drugs and alcohol, which resulted in minor offenses and violence.

“I was a downed drug addict that my former acquaintances went through with the arc,” Kaido said in a newspaper interview. In the greatest crisis, Kaido found his faith and Christian brothers. His life has not always been easy and joyful. Despite his conversion, punk music is still a part of his life. In addition, he has once again found his former childhood hobby – drawing.

Kaido Rätsepa’s art is very naive. Although the message of the works is Christian, it is very multi-layered. The world of colors and the grotesqueness of the themes are somewhat reminiscent of Mexican art.