Heli Ryhänen’s exhibition “In the Bush”

The theme of the exhibition, which consists of sculptor Heli Ryhänen’s installations, is the relationship between man and himself and other living beings. The artist uses a wide variety of materials, such as linen, steel, imitation leather and concrete. The opening of the exhibition will take place at the Tampere House Gallery on Thursday 28 June at 5 pm.

The artist is interested in human situations and how people solve their problems. In the work “Ringtee -Detour”, a person has fallen asleep under a bush. “A person has gone to rest or sheltered under a bush, but the bushes have been beaten by the winds, raging, heavy, thorny fruits are floating on the floor. It is a tropical forbidden fruit – Duria “, the artist describes his work. “It’s as controversial as life itself: beautiful, sweet, coveted but also smelly, thorny, even life-threatening.”

Ryhänen (born 1971) graduated from the Finnish Academy of Arts in 2006. He has organized several exhibitions in Finland and other countries. His sculptures are in many public places in Finland. In his works, people, mice and plants intertwine with each other. They describe the disappearance of life and the cycle of nature.


„Detour“ – Heli Ryhänen



The gallery of Tampere House is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance!