Forest of passions

Estonian artist Mery Crystal Ra exhibits her paintings and metamorphic animations and videos based on them. The works in the exhibition have grown out of the artist’s monumental architectural works of light and glass. The exhibition will open on Thursday, February 7 at 5 pm (Jaani 4, Tartu).

“This forest is not tangible or visible to the naked eye,” says the artist. “This forest begins with encounters and departures, gazes and touches, conflicts and reconciliations, cooperation and betrayal, and spiritual and breathlessness.” The world of the artist is dreamy, but still real, even more real than the world we think we are moving in. There is something about the Finno-Ugric secret world in this exhibition. “In my paintings, dreams and revelations, mutant birds and werewolves, face life in secret gardens through vibrations, transformations and synergy. Metamorphoses of life in forest depths and caves take place here. Stalactite rain gives birth to a stalactite woman here. In fact, nothing is put in place just behind the conference tables. It is the power of luminosity, metamorphosis and the secret world that governs our lives, “the artist says mysteriously.

Mery Crystal Ra is the name of Meeli Koiva’s artist, she was born in Tartu, but spent all her summers on a family farm in Järva County in her youth, the light of the bogs and forests of which is reflected in the artist’s work. But he has been influenced by many parts of the world. “My paintings in Kyrgyzstan include the marshes of the bogs near Marina del Ray in Los Angeles, the pink flamingos on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico with the flowers of a giant cactus, as well as the pink rocks in Finland and the wind in Tartu,” says the artist. Mery Crystal Ra is an internationally recognized artist. He has been chosen to represent Estonia, Finland and the USA at many top international art events. He is a pioneer in the world of monumental multimedia, glass and light art and one of the winners of the 2013 and 2014 European In Light City competitions. His monumental works have been repeatedly selected by the US magazine CODA as one of the TOP 25 best public works of art in the world.

The gallery of Tampere House is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance!