Elsa Trzaska „Landscape Studies“

Thursday 5.4. At 5 pm, the exhibition “Landscape Studies” consisting of Elsa Trzaska’s video works will be opened at the Tampere House Gallery (Jaani 4, Tartu). The exhibition is based on a 1910 landscape painting by the well-known Finnish artist Ellen Thesleff.

The exhibition features five video works recorded in 2017. Each video explores the work of the well-known female artist Ellen Thesleff in The Decorative Landscape (Ornate Landscape). Thesleff’s painting consists of juxtaposing different colors – he did not mix colors, but placed them next to others in control, looking for the right level of light.

The same effect has been used in Elsa Trzaska’s video works. He has used Instagram filters and image processing. Video filters are derived from different filters: Hudson, Sierra, Mayfair, Perpetua, and Nashville. The videos show the original image moving towards Thesleff’s color gamut. The soundscape of the works repeats this experience, ie the colors have been changed to sounds next to the image.

The exhibition also includes the artist’s 2018 digital drawings of national views. These are sketches of romantic aesthetics through a modern look.

Ellen Thesleff, Decorative Landscape, 1910 Elsa Trzaska, Landscape Studies, Perpetua, 2017