Concert by Tuomas Palonen and Haldi Välimäe

A concert by Tuomas Palonen and Haldi Välimäe will take place at Tampere House on March 29 at 7 pm!

Tuomas Palonen is a singer and songwriter from Helsinki and a former vocalist of the band Kuparilinna. His solo debut (recorded 2017-2018) is home-woven and enriched with various flavors from Finland’s rich folklore and folk music. His solo album has done very well both in Finland and abroad. It has been played on more than twenty radio stations in eight different countries.

Tuomas Palonen has written all his stories himself. His music is a letter to the pre-psychedelic era. The stories cover classic topics such as getting to know oneself, self-search, longing for nature, and finding inner peace. Palonen sings in Finnish and plays guitar, piano, kannel and percussion.


Haldi has managed to edit a lot in a short time – he released the vinyl and CD EP ‘Raba’ last year and thus quickly rose to the attention of the concert audience all over Estonia. In addition, his work has received praise from both the media and music critics. His music is sincere, it has everything right now – emotions and melody, dedication and joy, tenderness and vigor.
A little twist on Haldi’s music can be found here: