Alexander Salvesen “Imagined space”

On Finland’s Independence Day or Thursday, 6.12. At 5 pm, the exhibition Imagined Space by Alexander Salvesen, a lighting artist working in Helsinki, will open. The exhibition combines the possibilities of light art and ordinary painting.

The exhibition asks eternal questions about human life and origins. “With the current constant change and uncertainty, I look up into the night sky looking security and peace. The scale of space is utterly incomprehensible to us humans. When I look at the sky, I remember my smallness. From a cosmic point of view, what I do is not important, ”says the artist.

But it does not cause frustration, on the contrary – such thoughts inspire the artist. “That is why it is my duty and the responsibility of everyone else to live, love and do what is important to us. We are here and now – why not do something valuable then. Looking into the distance helps us to see us up close, ”he thinks, saying that in this way we can see really meaningful things.

Imagined Space consists of works that take the artist’s thoughts beyond what we can see. “There I meet worlds where stars are born, where black holes eat everything that happens. Where the planets travel in their orbits in cold and dark space. All of this makes me think about fundamental questions: Why was I born? What’s all around me? What is love? What is a loss? ”Asks the artist.

The technique in the Imagined Space series is a mixture of light art and classicist painting. It continues its theme to the exhibition “Images of Distant Worlds” completed in 2016. By combining light and color pigments, a light additive and a subtractive pigment color system can be used.

Alexander Salvesen (born 1990) studied lighting art at the Theater Academy in Helsinki and musicology at Åbo Akademi University. He has compiled several light works and exhibitions in Finland.

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The gallery of Tampere House is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance!