2024 Exhibitions

2024 Exhibitions

The year 2024 is the European Capital of Culture year in Tartu. The theme of the capital year is Art of Survival. We have strived to select this year’s exhibitions in such a way that each exhibition illuminates the mentioned theme from its own perspective.

  • 11.-21.1.2024 Laura Kaasik, Forgotten Again
  • 2.-25.2.2024 Tigukass (May ja Ursula Aavasalu) Survivals
  • 29.2.-24.3.2024 Jaak Visnap ja Evi Tihemets, Wood
  • 28.3.-21.4.2024 Daniel Nagy
  • 25.4.-19.5.2024 Per William Petersen, The Darkness – must be displased with the Light
  • 23.5.-16.6.2024 valokuvaaja Tõnu Tammen memorial exhibition
  • 20.6.-21.7.2024 Leena Lehti The Sun will Rise Tommorrow too, Tampere Artist union
  • 25.7.-18.8.2024 Marjukka Irni, Rainbow in heart
  • 22.8.-15.9.2024 Urpu-Elina KorhonenTampere Artist union
  • 19.9.-13.10.2024 Maarja village
  • 17.10.-10.11.2024 Sinikka Hurskainen, The Joy of Life
  • 14.11.-31.12.2024 Anne Türn ja Toomas Tuul, Bridges

Exhibition at the moment in the gallery

Survivals – May ja Ursula Aavasalu

May and Ursula Aavasalu from the mother-daughter duo Tigukass make ceramics, dolls and digital graphics inspired by gothic and steampunk ideas and aesthetics.Tigukass’ art is a little cute, a little dark, but also inviting and not too serious.The exhibition is open until the 25th of February.