That was when we went to Finland

Martin Ratas’ comic book exhibition highlights people’s stories of going to Finland, adjusting there and returning to Finland. For three years, the University of Eastern Finland and the University of Tartu collected personal stories of Estonians of different ages, which everyone can relate to, and which were also associated with the exhibition.

The exhibition reflects the lives of both men and women, children, young people, adults and the elderly, laggards, migrants and returnees. People’s stories tell how living in Finland has affected them and their families.

Project illustrator Martin Rattas graduated from   in 2008. in the field of liberal arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He has   painted and drawn for fun, but has also designed   mitmeid a number of custom CDs, posters, T-shirts, car stickers, postcards and more. He has also participated in street art events with murals and organized exhibitions of his work.

Martin’s desire is to bring out the most expressive moments and personalities described in people’s stories through various illustrations. Whether these pictures could be happy or not depended on the stories people told us. In any case, they could be vital stories and images that give ideas and food for thought to those who have already shared their lives between the two countries, or to those who plan to do so in the future. Martin believes that these stories give birth to small stars who, with their positive outlook on life, eventually go into people’s hearts.

The exhibition is open at Tampere House from March 5 (5 pm) until March 29. The gallery is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance!