Over the River

Tõnu “Tõnn” Tamm (1971-2023) was a self-taught photographer from Tartu, an inventor, an experimenter, an enthusiast of rangefinder cameras, a promoter of pinhole photography, and a teacher at the Pallas polytechnic. The exhibition consists of the photographs he left behind. The exhibition opens on Saturday, the 25th at 16:00 and is open until June 16th.

Tõnu Tamm passed away unexpectedly a year ago. He left behind an estimated collection of 15,000 frames of negatives and hundreds of hand-enlarged black-and-white and color photographs, as well as several unique handmade cameras.

With this exhibition, Tõnu’s close ones and friends offer a first glimpse into his photographic art and remember Tõnu on the occasion of his first death anniversary. The selection for the exhibition was made by Tõnu’s friends and close ones, who thank Tampere House and the Photography Museum for their support in framing the photographs.

The curators of the exhibition are Anton Aunma and Lauri Kulpsoo.