The graphic exhibition by artist Miina Laine from Tampere talks about the relationship between man and nature. The exhibition will open on Wednesday, July 3 at 5 p.m.

Miina Laine’s works are expressive. “I do not sketch or try to take realistic pictures. I try to gain immediate experience and feelings “, the artist describes the process of his work.

With his monotype technique, he is able to express movement in a subtle way, which also allows him to combine an expressive painting style with a traditional printing method. “One image is the basis for the next, so a series of works is formed,” says the artist. “The glow of the first shot can also be seen in the other shots.”

“It simply came to my notice then. Time and place determine the result. Cognition of the place is the starting point and the experiences and memories are transferred to my works in the studio. Many things, such as my mood, the people around me, and life in general, affect the outcome. I am very busy presenting the rhythms of movement and life ”

Miina Laine was born in 1975 in Turku. He studied art at the University of Lapland and also at the University of Westminster. He has organized several exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.

The gallery of Tampere House is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance!