Luisa Greta Vilo

Luisa Greta Vilo (born 2000) is young photographer. He is about to graduate from Tartu from Pallas University of Applied Sciences
from the photography line. This is Vilo’s second a solo exhibition. That is also her final school project. Vilo’s first exhibition was in 2020, when he participated In the “Pauss” name of Estonian artists
in a group exhibition. Her first solo exhibition “Creation inside” was in Tartu at the Apparatus factory in 2022. The works have abstract forms,
the charm of simplicity and nature motifs. Similarly, the human body is important to him and different aspects of being human.

The themes of the photo exhibition are limiting beliefs and work with oneself related to being seen and being seen. The artist directs the viewer’s attention to the nude with the help of the human body and nature to the different manifestations of fragility. There are 10 on display black and white photo. They are personal but also evoke general emotions.

I hope they raise relevant questions. What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? What kind of relationship do you have with your environment? What makes you vulnerable? How do you feel yourself in your body? How do you allow yourself to be seen?