Henry Laks: stories and a selection of poems

On April 19, at 7 pm, musician Henry Laks will present his stories and poems in the basement hall of Tampere House.

Henry Laks is a musician who graduated from Tallinn 37th Secondary School with a special class in mathematics. He later studied architecture and applied arts at the University of the Arts, where he holds a diploma. He is currently actively involved in painting, has designed his own poetry collections with illustrations and used paintings and graphics on all his records. Bands: “Reval” and “Zaltus Lumel” during the University of the Arts, later “Sixth Mind”, “Seventh Mind”, “Torah” and a fruitful project with Alo Mattiisen, who attended the WOMAD festival in Seinäjoki initiated by Peter Gabriel. At present, the “Seventh Mind” is very viable again and a project called “CHURCH” has been convened, which includes Heini Vaikmaa, Raul Vaigla and Toomas Rull.

Ticket 15 €

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