Exhibition “100 Years of the Ingrian Finns”

The exhibition “100 Years of Ingrian Finns” will be opened in the gallery of Tampere House on Friday, December 8!

The exhibition, compiled mainly from home photo albums, tells the story of the complex fate of the Ingrian Finns for about a hundred years.

Most Ingrian Finns were plagued by a more or less similar fate that spread to the former Soviet Union during World War II, in addition to Finland and Sweden. But there are also exceptional life trends, which can often be found on the pages of very well-organized family albums.

Creating the whole of the exhibition turned out to be a rather difficult task, because no photos of so many historical episodes have survived in the photo albums of the Ingrian Finns. In order to achieve a smoother narrative and fill in the gaps, each panel of the exhibition contains a summary of the period in an encyclopedic key.

The exhibition was curated by Taisto-Kalevi Raudalainen, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Academic Ingrian-Finnish Society, and designed by photographer Herkki-Erich Merila. The exhibition has received financial support from the State Chancellery of the Republic of Finland within the framework of the Finland 100 program.

Free entrance!