“Do you have paper?”

Kerly Ilves’ installation exhibition “Do you have paper?” is a tribute to messages left on paper. Kerly Ilves has built an atmosphere reminiscent of a home for the exhibition, with messages left on papers of various sizes.

The material of the exhibition is a collection of personal messages collected for the author since the 2000s.  “In a huge technological boom, I highly value paper messages that have more value than any SMS. Handwritten text has more originality and closeness. The messages we write to our loved ones describe and reflect our nature, thoughts, humor, frustration, joy and other emotions, ”Ilves concludes with the idea of the exhibition.

Kerly Ilves is a great friend of recycling: “A message left on paper allows you to reuse existing paper, thus using up an already used resource.” The art exhibition gives new life to your messages.

No less important than writing a message on paper is not a pen. Thus, as part of the exhibition, the ode to the pens, all of which are empty but have been deposited for some reason, has been presented. A small electrocardiogram is formed from the recycled pens to show the relatively weak heartbeat of messages and pens.

The exhibition is open at Tampere House from June 4 (17:00) until June 28. The gallery is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Free entrance!