The theme of the exhibition is the artist’s life at different times, especially being a mother and what it has brought.

“This exhibition is a summary of my recent life, when I have been confronted with everything that has become a life-giving and motherhood,” says the artist. “With each new life, you feel how everything that was built up by that time as a woman and an artist disintegrates once again, and this self simply dissolves between the most important things for a long time.”

The artist is like an invisible but necessary stone in a stone garden. The “charm and pain” of being a woman has become increasingly clear to her. “The counterpart to everyday life is knowing what you want and what you can’t give up anymore.”

Mara Ljutjuk has painted   her three favorite places for this exhibition. “Their memories give me strength in my daily life and three friends whose professional commitment to helping people and animals makes this world a brighter place. For me, giving and receiving aid is an important circuit for maintaining balance and harmony in our lives. ”

Mara Ljutjuk (born 1978) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a master’s degree in 2011. He is a member of both the Estonian Artists ‘Union and the Estonian Painters’ Union. He has more than 20 solo exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad.