Foto exhibition and a film at the Tampere Maja gallery 2.-26.3.2026

Photographer Emil Bodyrev has followed two women from Tampere while they are solving questions related to their own breasts. The artist Susanna Lyly wanted to restore the shape of her youthful breasts with the help of plastic surgery. Producer and journalist Anne Välinoro wanted to be a artists partner of Susanna’s theme, in her opinion, breasts can also be the object of play.

The photo exhibition deals with a woman’s body image. How inappropriate and wrong can you perceive your own body? The pictures show the feeling of being a prisoner of your breasts in your own body. “The world of breasts is wide and open. I got a solution to the problem that arose in my youth when I got older. All breasts are the right size at some point in our lives,” says Anne Välinoro.